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Atropine 1995-1996

A step back in time to 1996. Atropine had made a large amount of tracks in short succession during '95 and '96, some of which were a hybridization of Anstalt and Atropine which we initially called 'Chalybeated' comprising around 15 tracks. Later on a batch of 20 or so tracks dubbed 'Sudden Surgeries' which also never made it into circulation was produced. Some tracks survived censure though and one has even been recently re-sequenced. Those first batches of tracks are quite incoherent, drawn between the outright industrial, the darkly ambient and straight EBM with overtones, which prompted us to make a decision - splitting our efforts into two separate entities and effectively spawning Pogrom Synod. PS will be covered in a separate post at some point in the future.
Modulatex - originally from the 'Sudden Surgeries' tape, as re-recorded in 2009:

Angels Pass By Open Sewers (1996) was the first time that we made a deliberate effort to create an album of songs where there is a red thread throughout the recording. On the whole it's uniformly industrial in style and much effort was made in the processing of the vocals to ensure their complete incomprehensibility. It really has no bearing on what Atropine would become later on and stands on its own and is usually never referred to. The track 'Moist Corpse' was later resequenced and also appears on the first Pogrom Synod release 'Harn 88'.
Atropine - 'Lost Faith' from Angels Pass By Open Sewers:

Delving into the third workload of 1996, the abandoned and forgotten 'Ampuflication' - marrying the amusing concepts of amputation and amplification. It's not really all that interesting, but has its moments, most of which are related to the Angels Pass sessions.
Atropine - 'Desirous' from Ampuflication.

Now for the fourth separate recording project for 1996, namely our collaboration with Tarjei Krogh, dubbed the TEK Sessions. Click the link for the release over on LastFM. In recent times though an extra track we'd forgotten all about has surfaced and is presented as is, straight from the DAT. Again, different in style to everything else, which is the way we like it.
Atropine - 'Bhom Beyond' from the TEK Sessions.

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